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Hi everyone and welcome to my Plant-Based Foods website. Healthy eating has been a passion of mine for about 17 years and over the years I have tried numerous healthy diets and products in the plant-based world to try to improve my health as well as my exercise training.

Being a kid from the United States with the typical western diet of eating anything from fast food to food with all kind of added sugars etc., I was often times looking for alternatives to help me get better at managing my weight. This usually came in the form of eating beans, green leafy vegetables and healthy fats.

Now I want to give back.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about eating healthy, a lot about plant-based foods, a lot about exercising that help you improve how you feel overall and most importantly how to control your weight. I want to offer others some insight into many of these as well as provide you with updated tips and techniques that real plant-based consumers are using these days.

A Little Story About My Plant-Based Journey

Growing up I was a bigger than everyone else. In fact when I graduated highschool I was 210 pounds. That may not sound like a lot to some people but for me it was a little heavy on my 6ft frame trying to play basketball and be as athletic as other kids that were the same height as me but smaller and more athletic. I always felt like I was not in shape and felt really sluggish all the time and I did not know why.

As you know we all would like to be in shape, look good and eat healthy to feel good about ourselves. So how you eat and what you eat is critical to this.

As I went to college, the eating habits that I developed over the next four years was not that great and not proud to admit it. One day I was sitting around looking at some pictures, one picture in particular stood out from the rest. I was smiling in the picture but my cheeks were so big that my eyes did not look like they were open. That was the day that I decided that I needed to eat a healthier diet and lose weight and then I discovered the plant-based diet

I would spend hours watching workout videos to learn about what techniques to use to lose weight and also to find out what kind of diet would assist me in my weight loss journey. I tried all kind of diets but could not really stick to a certain diet but when I tried the plant-based diet I never tried any other diet. This diet helps me feel great and also helps manage my weight and on top of that I have discovered and enjoyed some delicious plant-based dishes. When eating a plant-based diet, you realize that anything can be overcome and that good eating habits and hard work can truly lead to your success in your overall health, just as it can in anything in life.

The Way of Eating Has Changed

The food that you consume determines the fate of a lot of people all across the world. People used to eat whatever they wanted and had no concern about the effect that it had on their overall health. You see less and fewer people eating foods that are not healthy and very detrimental to the body. You are seeing more people adopt the plant-based diet because of the benefits it has on the body and your overall health.

People like different types of plant-based foods but ultimately the core and the fundamental of all success in getting healthy is choosing the right plant-based foods that fit you and that helps you reach and maintain your health goals.

The way of eating has changed and so does the way you need to maintain your overall health.

They Say an Apple a Day Keeps the Doctors Away

There is no point starting a plant-based diet if you are going to eat other foods that are not healthy and will not help you maintain your overall health goals. You can accomplish a lot of your health goals and your body will benefit by simply committing to a plant-based diet.

This can lead to better weight management, glowing skin and ultimately overall better health.

So have a look around and if you ever have anything to share in respect to improving your overall health with the plant-based diet, I would love to hear it.

To your overall health and feeling amazing.


Founder of Plant-Based Foods

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